Selling Your Boat

There are many reasons why owners sell their boat. Lack of time, health reasons, or to upgrade or downsize. If the time has come for you to sell, here are a few reasons why you should choose a reputable brokerage.

  • A good yacht broker will first discuss with you the true marketable value of your vessel. This consists of looking over your boat and its equipment, age, maintenance and condition. From there, they can research comparable vessels which are currently listed. Full disclosure at this time regarding your vessels condition is important.

  • They will also research the SOLDBOATS. Very important. You’ll want to know how much realistically you can get for your boat. Soldboats is the key to deciding at what price to start your listing.

  • Next, you will be asked to sign a listing agreement. The agreement should disclose the sales commission (when sold) and length of contract.This gives them permission to gather photos/videos, specs, show instructions and maintenance records and put it out there on the MLS sites, and market it with as much visibility as possible.

  • Naturally, you’ll want to choose a broker/brokerage that is in relatively close proximity to your boat! This increases the showability, and makes sense. If you list with a broker in Boston, but your boat is in Florida it might be complicated for them to show to interested clients.

  • Your broker will accompany perspective buyers to your vessel. MOST OFTEN, they will NOT start engines, or systems at this time. Simply showing them around the boat, discussing systems, vessel maintenance history, etc. You should expect to receive feedback from them on how showings went. Positive or negative.

  • Your brokerage will handle the offer negotiations, assist with marine survey schedule, and keep in contact with you during the entire sales process. Funds will be collected in escrow, and closing paperwork will be gathered and completed. Any associated titlework, or payoffs will also be taken care of at closing.

Yacht Brokers are there to help make selling your boat a pleasant and non-stressful experience for you. It is our GOAL to help you —start to finish.