Marine Surveyor

When purchasing a vessel, one of the most IMPORTANT steps will be hiring a reputable marine surveyor. Your broker should give you a couple of recommendations for local qualified marine surveyors. It is very important that the surveyor you hire be one that observes the Surveyor’s Ethics below.

The Surveyor’s Ethics:

  • The surveyor should conduct himself so as not to reflect a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  • The surveyor shall not perform repairs to a vessel he has surveyed, or survey a vessel he has repaired.
  • The surveyor shall not accept any monetary gain dependent on the sale of a vessel he has surveyed or for referral of work on that vessel.
  • The surveyor should limit the scope of the survey to the specific vessel he is surveying and its quantitative aspects such as condition, equipment inventory and valuation.
  • The surveyor shall not take a position contrary to his or her own knowledge for any direct or indirect gain.
  • The surveyor shall perform services only in the areas of his expertise.
  • The surveyor shall not report anything he or she has not viewed, checked, or examined personally. The surveyor shall not report as fact any information regarding the condition of the vessel or any of its components, fixtures or furnishings received from the owner, broker, captain, crew, etc. When reporting such information in the report the surveyor shall clearly state the source of the information.


A surveyor we most frequently use and consider to be knowledgeable, reliable and have a good reputation:

Miley Marine Surveying